Ian Gamache at work in his studio

Ian Gamache's work is characterized by a distinct visual style that explores highly subjective themes such as self-identity, isolation, personal anxieties, history, sexuality, and gender stereotypes. Gamache's highly charged subjects are often depicted with their subconscious thoughts and psychological traumas exposed and unearthed.

Born in 1977 in a small village in central Canada, he moved to Montreal in 1999, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University. Gamache has since been living and working in Montreal, and has had solo exhibitions in Montreal and France, as well as numerous group shows in Europe and The United States.

Gamache's distinct visual language is informed by the emotionally charged nature of his subjects while drawing on traditions founded in Neo-expressionism and Postmodernism. He employs unorthodox or occasionally banal materials such as cardboard, stickers, record covers and paper to create assemblages and paintings that reference contemporary society as well as personal experiences. Gamache makes use of the collage aesthetic as well as the raw formal elements favoured by Neo-expressionists to depict inner turmoils, violence and raw psychological experiences.

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